Communications of the ACS, Vol 4, No 2 (2011)

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The International Center of Excellence in Software Engineering

Hany H Ammar, Tim Menzies, Osama Shata, Abdelkarim Erradi, Marouane Kessentini, Walid Abdelmoez, Mohamed Kholief, Mohamed Shaheen, Mohamed Abdelhamid, Ayman A. Abdel-Hamid, M. A. Omar, Mohamed Salah Hamdi


The International Center of Excellence in Software Engineering (ICESE) is a multifaceted center that aims at establishing active programs in research, outreach, and education. The significance of this center relies on its goal of bringing together on a tightly coupled fashion, and on a weekly or bi weekly basis through virtual meeting environments, researches from the Arab world and international researchers to work on projects that advance the state of the art in software engineering. The center focuses on applying Artificial Intelligence techniques to software engineering. It initially targets the development and application of model-based software engineering technology and focusing on developing methodologies for software architecture risk assessment leveraging data mining and artificial intelligence techniques

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