Communications of the ACS, Vol 1, No 001 (2008)

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Process Mining and Data Aggregation Strategies for Business Collaboration Networks

Kerstin Gerke, Gerrit Tamm


Business collaboration and information sharing becomes more and more important for companies, mainly driven by economics of scale and the strategic value of network knowledge. In this paper we will describe how process mining results will increase the willingness of cross company data aggregation and the usage of shared business collaboration infrastructures. The results of our contributions are based on process and data analyses in the customer relation management of a leading German passenger airline. As information sharing is considered a central challenge among supply chain partners, we describe the role of data aggregation as a requirement for process mining in collaborative infrastructures. Aggregating data on the one hand can preserve companies from compromising their local data. On the other hand valuable network information may get lost. We use process mining to derive collaborative business process models. Therefore, we evaluate the impact of data aggregation on the significance of process mining results.