Communications of the ACS, Vol 4, No 1 (2011)

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اقتراح تصور جديد لتوليد مخططات لغة العرض الموحدة بصفة آلية - A new proposed approach to automatically generate UML Diagrams

Aouatef Rouahi, Najla Sassi, Wahiba Ben Abdessalem Karaa


Diagrams construction is a very important and time consuming task for both software analysis and design phases. 

However, the analysis-related problem is supported by the new Text Mining approaches for the extraction and categorization of unstructured data. Nonetheless, the approaches involved in diagrams design process and more specifically model generation are few and far from reaching the desirable level of maturity. 

For this reason, our research fits into the Model Driven Engineering field and especially in the model transformation frame.  We are aiming, indeed, to make the modeling task much easier. Thus, we need to create readable, reusable and easily maintainable design templates from a structured data file. Through this study, we refer to an XML file in order to lead to the generation of UML diagrams. 

To concretize our proposed approach, we realized a new modeling tool named XaUML which is able to automatically generate UML class diagrams. 

It is clearly noted that the suggested tool follows a reasonable methodology to build these diagrams from a raw XML file. In addition, this tool will save time for the construction process of these diagrams.

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