Communications of the ACS, Vol 9, No 1 (2016)

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Pattern Oriented Analysis for Web Based Applications on Cloud

Amar Ibrahim E.Sharaf Eldein



Introduction: Cloud computing has emerged as important technology that requires new ways of architecting web applications on cloud. Problem: Migrate web based applications to clouds faced requirements changes during developments , that let to design complexity problem. Existing  & proposed solution: Pattern oriented analysis approach for web base application in goal simplified requirements analysis and refinement , facilitate selecting cloud design patterns to provide better design solutions. Contribution: This approach help developers to know how web application structured and use quality requirements with selected patterns applied on cloud application development process. major highlight analysis: This paper focuses on highlighting the cloud base architectural patterns for building cloud Applications and introduce approach for ensuring web based cloud application requirements components mapped to scenario based, decide what patterns that can be selected to use. An Student Academic Records Result system for  Student Transcript has been used as a case study.

Keywords: Web application; Cloud Patterns; Cloud Application; Requirements Analysis; Pattern oriented Analysis; 

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