ACS World July 2005

    1. Arab Research Institute in Science&Engineering (ARISE)
2. CFP - Journal of the Assoc. for Software Testing

Subject: Arab Research Institute in Science&Engineering (ARISE)
From: (Omar Mardam-Bey)
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ARISE Vision
ARISE will become the most prominent science and engineering
applied industrial research and development institute in the
Arab world.
ARISE will develop, through the efforts of its members, to
become an internationally recognized professional institute.
ARISE membership will include scientists and engineers from
industry and academia from all Arab countries. Scientists and
engineers from all over the world will become members of
ARISE and participate in its activities.
ARISE will always remain a privately owned, independent and
non-profit institute.
ARISE members will fully control its activities and direction
far from any external influences.

ARISE Mission
ARISE motto is: “ Creating Opportunities for Technological
ARISE will bridge the gap between the needs of practicing
engineers from industry and researchers from the academic
ARISE will encourage its members from the academic world,
both faculty and students, to undertake applied industrial
research and development. It will support student projects
aimed at advancing technological know-how for the benefit
of industry.
ARISE will encourage its members from industry to interact
with the academic world and to offer science and engineering
faculty and students the opportunity to understand the needs
of industry and to help direct science and engineering
education to meet these needs.
ARISE will support its members to set up a continuous and
open dialogue between engineers from industry and the
academic world aimed at enabling students of science and
engineering to cope with the challenges of industry
promptly following graduation.

Subject: CFP - Journal of the Assoc for Software Testing
From: Cem Kaner <>

The Journal of the Association for Software Testing
( is seeking
papers on the theory, practice, and teaching of software
testing for its first issues. We welcome papers from
scholars and from practitioners in the field. We will also
consider proposals for special issues organized by a guest
We welcome submissions at any time, but our tentative
deadline for articles for the first issue is September 1,
2005. The emphasis of the first issue will be on putting
the field in perspective. There are some very strongly
different visions of testing. A broad paper that gives the
reader insight into one of those visions (along with
supporting empirical data or literature review) would be
particularly welcome. Well-researched and well-documented
attacks on other viewpoints are as welcome as well-researched
and well-documented advocations.
Submissions outside of this emphasis will still be considered,
but might be published in the next issue.
The Charter for the Journal, the types of papers, a list
of members of our Editorial Board, and other information
can be found at:

To submit a paper, please send the manuscript to Cem Kaner,

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